by Tófa

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Tófa's side of 7" split with Deletions from Harrisburg, PA.


released October 1, 2016

Birthed in Reykjavík Iceland in the year 2016 AD.
Recorded and mixed by Kjartan Holm.
Art by Dave Kasparek and Allie Doersch.

Tófa are
Allie „Lasagne“ Doersch, vocals
Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson, bass
Árni Þór Árnason, baritone guitar
Jóhannes „Slow Burrito“ Ólafsson, drums
Kjartan Holm, guitar

Thanks to our brothers in Deletions.
Special thanks to our friend, beer.

Non-thanks to those who play with power. Those who corrupt and destroy. Those who think they are alone on the boat. Don´t let this happen. It depends on you.



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Tófa Reykjavík, Iceland

Female fronted art-punk band influenced by 20th century literature and creating noise in the likes of Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy and Fucked Up.

Tófa (The Blue Fox), cute and cuddly on the outside but vicious and bloodthirsty on the inside.
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Track Name: You're Done
It's coming in
from all sides
silently tugging the rugs
from under our feet and taking
crumbs from our plates
fingers rummaging in our
pockets and breathing heavily
on our necks eyes in the dark
that you can only feel the sound
of the wind that you don't but
who could be convinced of such
trivial things there's rubble
to post and books to forget my
sweet sweet smell overpowered
by the buzz of the lowest
frequency it's too late now it's
too late now when our feet are
wet and our insides are dry it's
time to get out of the highest
regency if your doubt is not
enough the water will
tell you there's no
chance you're
Track Name: Yours is Ours
Hey you there come hold my warm hand since it seems like you won't do a thing I will heave sling you over my shoulder and shout in your ear loudly and as clearly as I can I've doubled my load are you comfortable now the pace has slowed but it's fine what's mine is yours but I'm the only one listening what's yours is ours and we're beginning to sink come sit I'll tie bows around your hands with this sturdy rope you're finally a puppet limp and weak completely incapable what's mine is yours but I'm the only one listening what's yours is ours and we're beginning to sink what's yours is ours I'm leaving this mess what's yours is our ours better think quick relax really do you think I mind are you dancing now finally your head swung like that just needed a little push what's that oh you seem to be stuck I'm sorry my friend I'm leaving I'll see you at the end if you can take a step or two.